Financial Market In India

The Financial market in India is growing rapidly. The boom in financial markets is stimulating the growth of Indian share market and encouraging the investors to invest in the share market. India is expected to emerge as one of the leaders in the arena soon. It all started in 1875. The name of first share trading association was "Native share and Stock broker's association" which later on came to be known as Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).At present the Indian share market consists two major stock exchanges, one is Bombay stock exchange (BSE) and the other one is National stock exchange (NSE).The BSE of the Indian share market is present in 417 towns and cities all across India. It deals with shares, debt instruments and derivatives (options and futures). The BSE SENSEX is the main index of the BSE. At present over the last few years nearly every growth in industry and of the Indian economy has been reflected in booming trade of BSE. NSE (National stock exchange) is considered the leading stock exchange in Indian share market in terms of total volume traded. The NSE of the Indian share market present in 1500 towns and cities. It deals with Futures (trade and stock), Equality or share, Wholesale debt market, options and retail debt market. The NSE index is also referred to as NIFTY and it is composed of 50 different Indian company stocks. There has to be a regulatory authority that can control the way that Indian share market works and this is carried by The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). It passes all the laws for efficient functioning of Indian share market. Scams and Fraudulent practices are a thing of the past due to the introduction of high end risk management facilities provided in combination with online trading in the Indian share market. The art of trading is not there in anyone, you have to be alert and strong willed to invest in stocks. It is not easy to make prediction of the Indian stock market. The general tips are for everyone to know, but the secrets of trading are not passed by everyone. During the downward trend of market you should observe the signs of changing the trend to upwards. As an investor you are advised to explore and observe the share market trend well. For all the more effective share market investing, open an account with a share broker. Check what services are provided by the broker and quality and credibility of the broker' advices. If possible talk to other clients of the broker for their experience. Once you get in the excitements of share trading, you won't like to leave it. The smart investors will wait for stability before buying or selling the stocks or shares. To invest in stock is not a game. It has to be taken seriously .It is a risky business and be smart to gain in this. Agriculturist, Passion to internet, penny stock investments market trader, jovial, funny, love to share what could be profitable like [url=][/url]